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Bourbon Whiskey Barrels 

These beautiful solid oak whisky barrels not only look amazing but they smell divine also!

They measure 34" x 24" at their widest point.

Volume - 205 litres

Prices start from £55 each


Quarter Cask Whiskey Barrels 

These cute barrels are the same height as the bourbon whiskey barrels but just a bit skinnier! Ideal for areas tight on space.

They are quite rare and hard to come by. 

Prices start from £80 each

Hogs Head Barrels 

The hogs head barrels are essentially made from bourbon whiskey barrel staves and fitted with new heads. They are slightly dumpier to a bourbon barrel and wider as more staves are added. Great for water butts as they hold more liquid and also good for tables being a little wider.

Volume - 256 litres

Prices start from £60 each


Sherry Butts

These sherry butts are huge!

These are perfect for making a statement. They could also be cut in half and used as a giant planter.

These measure 52" x 30" at their widest point.

Volume - 500 litres

Prices start from £120 

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Water Butts

These bourbon whiskey barrels can be converted to water butts. Choose from a brass or a wooden tap. We can cut a small hole in the top or completely remove the top so you can dunk a watering can straight in!

Lids can also be supplied which will be a genuine barrel end, these will be strengthened and a handle fitted.

Volume - 205 litres

Prices from £100

All of our barrel sizes can be converted to a water butt so please feel free to ask!


Puncheon Barrels 

Puncheon barrels hold the same amount of liquid as the sherry butts but are a bit dumpier in size!  These make an epic table for indoors or outdoors, perfect with some bar stools around them. They could also be cut in half and used as a giant planter.

They measure 42" x 36" at their widest point.

Volume - 500 litres

Prices start from £120

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Planters

These half bourbon barrels make amazing planters or even a water feature!  They should be filled with soil or water as soon as possible and kept moist to prevent them drying out as the oak can shrink thus causing the bands to slip. 

We can pin all the bands on request to ensure this does not happen.

They are 24 inches wide at their widest point and 18 inches high.

Volume - 100 litres

Prices start from £30   


Huge Barrel Planters 

There are 2 sizes 24" high and 37 " wide and 28" x 36".  That's a massive 3ft wide and over 200 Litre volume in each!

I have tried to show the sizes by placing a standard planter in front but you need to see to appreciate how big they are! 

All bands will be pinned on these and can be delivered locally. 

Price: £65

French Oak Wine Barrels

These oak wine barrels are extremely solid and are generally a bit fresher looking than the whiskey barrels.

What with their galvanised bands and perfectly flat tops they make great poser tables at bars, restaurants and wedding venues. They also make great cold smokers.

They are 36 inches high and 28 inches at their widest point.

Prices start at £60


Dogs Beds

If you're after something a bit different, our half-barrel dog beds are perfect for your four legged friends!

The half-barrel dog beds are 28" wide at the opening and 16" high.

Priced at £45 each or £55 with a cushion!

Hogs Head Planters 

These Hogs Head Planters are slightly wider and a little shallower than the bourbon planters.

They are 28 inches at their widest point and 16 inches high.

Priced at £30


Whiskey Barrel Seats 

These quirky barrel seats are handmade by myself to order. They are made out of a whole bourbon whiskey barrel. The seat base is easily lifted off so you can store stuff underneath.

The height of the actual seat base measures 22" high.

They are surprisingly comfortable and will be the talking point of any man cave/bar.

Priced at £80 each or £150 a pair

Cask End Platter Boards 

Cask end platter/serving boards!

These are made from vintage oak barrel ends.

They are at least 20 years old, we clean and sand them down, reinforce the back then varnish them so they look great and will last for ever. We can also add handles at your request.

They will be available to buy or hire, great for displaying your wedding cake on, serving drinks on or a food platter....

We also have a very talented lady Miss Peaches Designs who can personalise them for you, they are lovingly done by hand for you to keep as a memento or just a bit of fun!



Genuine Oak Whiskey Barrel Chunks 

10 kg bags of oak barrel chunks.

Having been soaked in whiskey for 20 years the flavour these produce is lovely and sweet.

Perfect for smoking meat and BBQ'S

£10 a bag 


Ice baths/plunge pools 

We can convert any barrel into an ice bath for you.

The one pictured on the left is a hogs head barrel and the one on the right a puncheon barrel. 

We have just sent 4 of our puncheon barrel ice baths off to the international rugby team......

Cold water therapy is the practice of using water that’s around 59°F (15°C) to treat health conditions or stimulate health benefits. It’s also known as cold hydrotherapy.

The practice has been around for a couple of millennia. But recent adaptations include ice baths, brisk daily showers, outdoor swims, and cold water immersion therapy sessions.

Prices start from £150

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